NeuroInternational TBI Programs

Creating college papers buy a niche for managing complex neurobehavioral and post-acute neuromedical cases.

NeuroInternational TBI Program in Florida

Company Specializes in Workers’
Compensation & Michigan No-Fault

Nestled in a serene upscale community setting, NeuroInternational – Sarasota has to be one of the neurorehab industry’s best kept secrets. The post-acute brain injury program is in close proximity to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and at the heart of Florida’s arts and cultural epicenter.

From this setting serious work is being done. “The NeuroInternational team has a niche for managing the most complex neurobehavioral and post-acute neuromedical cases,” said Neal Flannery, Senior Vice President.

“The experienced team of brain injury specialists at NeuroInternational have quite a following in the worker’s comp industry, and we are earning the reputation of being Florida’s premiere post-acute brain injury program,” Flannery added.
“Our Sarasota-based neurobehavioral, neurorehab, and supported living programs have grown by over 300% this past year alone, mostly due to repeat business within the Florida Work Comp and Michigan No-Fault industry. Adjusters and case managers have learned to turn to do my homework paper us when they have a complex case that others can’t manage,” Flannery emphasized.

When asked about working with people with severe auto and work injuries, Flannery replied “our team members have decades of knowledge and experience in navigating and managing the multifaceted issues associated with challenging TBI cases.

“When these catastrophic injury cases come to us they often have pending litigation, financial dilemmas, complex emotional and behavioral issues, medical management needs and family/survivor relationship strains. Case managers, attorneys, families and survivors can trust we have the experience to provide necessary treatment and appropriate supporting documentation…team members and I have literally worked with hundreds of these cases,” he added.

“Our exclusive partnership with Comprehensive Medpsych Systems, Fl’s largest behavioral medicine group, and our contracted behavioral hospital program enables us to offer the industry’s most diverse TBI services.

“We have 22 behavioral doctors and clinicians who function as part of our team. In addition to post-acute neurobehavioral care, we focus on inpatient detox, substance abuse, PTSD, pain management, and other specialty services. We can even facilitate Baker do my math homework algebra Act admissions to our locked hospital program.

“When we get a referral we provide the adjuster or case manager with a phone list so they can speak to our satisfied customers; workers’ compensation adjusters, case managers, guardians, families, and clients who have benefited from our specialty services. When they tour our Sarasota programs and meet our staff professionals they see first hand the investment that has been directed toward client care,” Flannery concluded.

He pointed out that the management team, lead clinicians, and referral evaluators are accessible to stake-holders 24-hours-a-day, including weekends and holidays. “We pay attention to detail and work hard to ensure our clients are receiving the research-informed clinical care. We are very responsive to requests made by our payers and other customers, strive to ensure our clients are healthy, happy and safe. Managing that goal for some of our more difficult cases is a big task and it takes tremendous dedication ”

Flannery said that survivors and their families are on an emotional roller coaster following a traumatic brain injury. “It is easy to essay homework online understand how they get beat down and lose trust in the recovery process, especially considering the financial, relational and emotional strain that is put on survivors and families.

“By standing true to our word and fulfilling all commitments, we have been tremendously successful in helping survivors and families learn to trust again. We have also helped adjusters and case managers make their client dissatisfaction issues disappear. Simply put, clients, families and other stake-holders have come to expect more from us,” Flannery said.

The key to the company’s success?: “We offer boutique-level services and deliver exceptional outcomes on a consistent basis. We work hard every day to make a difference and we stay optimistic that we can help change peoples’ lives for the better.”

Ed. Note: If you would like more information about NeuroInternational visit their website at, or call Neal Flannery at 813-451-9539.

Personal Testimony
Provides Insight

One of NeuroInternational’s current clients personally attests to the quality of care provided. Jeffrey Besemann, a current client at NeuroInternational stated “I have a TBI due to a essay homework help train hitting my car while delivering pizzas in my late teens. My life changed for the worse and I found myself in need of a residential brain injury program.

“I have been in other programs here in Florida over the past five years. I was very unhappy and felt like my life was going nowhere – it was in constant turmoil.

A few months ago I came to NeuroInternational and my life has completely changed ever since. I worked my way into an apartment offered by NeuroInternational and I have regained my independence. I feel cared for by the people here – they are like family to me – and I am making progress towards my work and educational goals. They focus on the positive stuff I do … the other places were not that way at all. I finally feel like my life has meaning and value again. I have seen many other clients come to NeuroInternational since I have been here and they have had the same positive experience as me.”